Born in North Carolina, I spent the 90s working as a punk singer-songwriter in the East Village in NYC. A graphic designer by trade, nature girl by disposition, I am involved in progressive political action both locally and nationally.

I am a painter, working in encaustics. I do not place images of my work on the internet, as I feel that the sculptural nature of my encaustic work, and thereby its meaning, is substantially diminished in photographing it.

I work in encaustics, on an intimate scale, to engage the viewer to come close and experience the sculptural, sensual, and transparent aspects of the wax-based pigments. My pieces have a loose allegorical relationship to realism, employing symbols to spur an animating visceral response to the repercussions of human dominion over nature. Underlying, often subliminal themes are environmentalism, greed, cruelty, innocence, and rejuvenation.

Deena Rae Turner