I work in Fluid Acrylic, epoxy resin, mica and alcohol inks presently.

In addition to paintings, I create functional art; which occupies the space between fine art and the everyday. Functional art infuses the aesthetic ideals of fine art—beauty and an intellectual and emotional sensibility—into aesthetic object that serves a utilitarian purpose.

Fluid acrylic painting is exactly that: fluid. It is all about movement. My series demonstrates different pouring techniques, each delivering different results – but all creating motion.

The interesting aspect of this style of painting is no two outcomes will ever be identical as so much relies on the density of pigments, the consistency in which they are mixed, the layering of the colors and the speed in which the pour is released. Results can be somewhat unpredictable, which is exciting and the appealing characteristic of the medium.

Lisa Pfitzner
212 439 9845