When I photograph I have noticed how over the years I have been focusing on five or six subjects. I chase them, moved by a sort of obsession. There is the theme of the landscapes made hardly recognizable by the fog or the opacity of dawn. There are the machines. Then, the bridges, the trees, the flowers. The statues. And the puddles: whenever I find them, I photograph them.




2012-2014: ICP New York International School of Photography
Special Program Advanced “Continuing Education Track”.
1994-95: New York University: Artist in residence at the Multimedia Laboratory.
1983-85 Apprenticeship in the studio of Lorenzo Mongiardino Architecture
1983-84 graduate of the Higher School Decorative Painting “Van der Kelen” Brussels Belgium.
1982-83: Universita` of Rome Sapienza Biennium History of Theatre.

Photography, Murals, hand painted silks

//www.youtube.com/watch? V = 69KEAHAtEP8